Student of the Month

Clara SedlarClara Sedlar  has been chosen by Mrs. Dykes.  Mrs. Dykes nominated Clara as she is an outstanding young lady.  She works hard, is responsible, kind and puts forth 100% effort in everything she does.  She is dedicated, always has a smile on her face and serves as a great teacher to her peers. 

Clara is very honored and delighted to be nominated as Student of the 
Month by Mrs. Dykes. 

Clara’s favorite food is  mangoes and her favorite color is orange.  She also likes archery.  Her favorite movie is “Phantom of the Opera” and her favorite book is “Unbroken”. Clara’s favorite classes are Agriculture and Band. 

Clara is the daughter of Amy and Wally Sedlar of Fremont.

Draven HoffmanDraven Hoffman has been chosen by Ms. Wilson.   Ms. Wilson nominated Draven because of his amazing attitude toward school and learning.  He is always the first one to class ready to work. He is willing to dive in to the assignment and problem solve his way through it.  He does not sit back waiting for me to tell him each and every step.  He looks at the project and determines what to do next.  His enthusiasm is contagious! Draven is always very polite and respectful.  I look forward to seeing him in class each day.

Draven feels extremely honored to not only be considered but  nominated for Student of the Month.  He would like to thank Ms. Wilson because of all the students in middle school she believed in him to be the most deserving candidate. Draven says that means a lot. 

Some of Draven’s favorite things are cake, the color red and fishing.  His favorite movie is “Avengers/Jurassic World” and favorite book is “Wings of Fire ”.  His favorite classes are Math and Science

Draven is the son Angie and Adam Hoffman of Weyauwega.  

Kiana VanhammondKiana Vanhammond  has been chosen by Mrs. McMullen.  Mrs. McMullen nominated Kiana as she is always responsible about getting things done in a timely manner.   She can always be depended on to do what she is supposed to be doing.  Kiana has shown tremendous growth in her attitude, her work ethic and her self-confidence.  She is willing to take risks in the classroom by answering questions and is willing to contribute her ideas within her peer groups.  Kiana takes pride in doing her best and completing her homework on time.  She has made the honor roll several times this year and is also on the track team. Kiana is a great example of our school pride.  Congratulations and keep up the awesome job.

Kiana is  honored to be nominated as Student of the Month. She thinks everyone should be recognized for the good they do not just one person. Kiana would like to thank Mrs. McMullen for nominating her.

Kiana’s favorite food is anything sweet, her favorite color is blue and she likes track.  Her favorite movie is “Home” and favorite book is “Dork Diaries”.  Kiana’s favorite class is Social Studies. 

Kiana is the daughter of Sharon Schmidtke of Weyauwega.